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A 2 story, 55,000 GSF brewery and distribution facility in Charlton, MA. The brewery is located on a 70-acre parcel of land. One of the most popular and top rated breweries in the U.S brews that distributes craft beer out of its new state-of-the-art brewery and distribution center. The accelerated schedule had the new facility open within 1 year of breaking ground for the foundations!

Treehouse Anchor

Services Provided: Construction began in June of 2016 and was completed by summer of 2017. Allied was a major team member in the successful completion of this project. The site required extensive cut to fill requirements for foundation preparation. Allied’s experienced team was on board every step of the way. Allied performed Concrete and Rebar inspections, Soil testing & inspections, Structural steel inspections, Site drainage & utility inspections, Ultrasonic testing of welds, Asphalt Testing and Inspections.

Tree House Brewing
Tree House Brewing

Project Players:

Treehouse Brewing

Landreau Reality

Northern Construction

Stevens & Associates, PC

FD Quigley Associates

Austin Design Inc.

4 floor, 87,500 GSF cost of $52 million dollar state-of-the art building for the University of Massachusetts Amherst Campus. The “core” of the building is glue-laminated heavy timber. It has an exposed glu-laminated frame of columns, beams, and braces. The building was supported by the MA State Legislature as a demonstration project for wood structures throughout the World. This building is the largest and most technologically advanced academic contemporary wood structure in the US.

umass anchor


Services Provided: Construction began in August of 2015 and was completed January 2017. Allied’s team of inspectors were on-site throughout the entire construction process performing tests and inspections as required by the Statement of Special Inspections. Continued observation and inspection was required during the heavy-timber erections and bracing. Allied was hired by the Architect, Leers Weinzapfel for soil compaction testing, concrete testing, rebar inspections, wood framing inspections, heavy timber shop inspections, masonry inspections, floor flatness inspections, window and vapor barrier testing, and welding inspections.

Umass Integrated Design Building
Umass Integrated Design Building

Project Players:

Hill International

GZA Engineering

Suffolk Construction

Leerz Weinzapfel Architects

Serverless Global Architecture

Equilibrium Consulting

University of Massachusetts

Amherst College Science Center

4 floor, 250,000 GSF state-of-the art Science Center for Amherst College in Amherst, MA. The building is supported by Spread Footings, Structural Slabs, Shear Walls, and Structural Steel. The building offers significant energy savings and offers radiant heating & cooling systems, tripe glazed curtain walls, PV array and might control. It will be a staple on the Amherst College campus for hundreds of years to come

Amherst College

Services Provided: Construction began in June of 2016 and was completed during the summer of 2018. Allied’s inspection role played a major part in the project. Extensive rebar inspections were required for the shear walls and structural slabs. Our team of inspectors worked with Payette Associates and LeMessurier to ensure our inspections went as smooth as possible for the aggressive construction schedule. Allied performed Concrete and Rebar inspections, Floor Flatness testing, Soil testing & inspections, Structural steel inspection, Ultrasonic testing of welds, Light Gauge Metal framing inspections, Masonry inspections, Window/Curtain wall testing, Fireproofing and Firestop inspections, and Asphalt Testing and Inspections.

Amherst College Science Center
Amherst College Science Center

Project Players:

Payette Associates Inc.

LeMessurier Consultants Inc.

Barr & Barr

Nitsch Engineering

Haley & Aldritch Inc

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